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The photographer of tarija

The photographer of tarija

Cecilio Arist Choque, photographer on the plaza de Municipio in Tarija. He is doing this job for 20 years and is almost part of the works of the Bolivian photographies. I met him three years ago. He meant to convince me that my camera could contribute to the history of photographies significantly more in his hands. I even rejected the attractive offer of trading my digicam against his 30 years old russian make.

He told me about Bolivia, which he knows. This is a country of suffering, hardship, passion and of revolutions. His home is Macha, a village upwards of 4500 metres between the mine stronghold Llallagua and the most southern province Tarija. The region is as wild as its inhabitants. Jugement is pronounced by the people themselves. If the state is of a different opinion then it is being fought against. Insurrections are being raised in this region time and again and the military attempted to crush the revolts – but without success most of the time. In Bolivia there will be found enough causes for a riot, justified causes! Cecilio fought himself. However, now he feels to old for it.

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